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10 Ways To Get Ready For Your Book Promotion 2021

From Manuscript to Marketplace; Mastering the Selling of your Book 2021

Great Beginnings: Getting Your First Few Chapters Publication-Ready 2021

The Writer’s Law School: Protecting your Artistic Rights 2021

Winning Book Awards 2021

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Creating Social Media Content to Engage 2020

Stand Up - Sell Books 2020

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Secrets to Becoming a Bestselling Author 2020

Living Lighter with Laughter 2020

How to Get Your Book in Front of Producers! 2020

How to be the Pilot of Your LIfe and make sure you have a Safe Landing 2020

The Small Press – An Option for Authors in the Digital Age 2020

To Publish or Not to Publish? 2017

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Using Publication in Journals, Magazines, and Anthologies to Build Your Author Platform 2017

How to Position Your Book for Success Right from the Start 2017

Author Book Trailers: Gourmet Video on a Top Ramen Budget - Beginners 2018

Getting Your Self-Published Book Onto Bookstore Shelves 2018

Perfecting Your Soundbites 2017

Success Revolutions: Your Purpose - Your Book – Your Brand 2017

How to Grow a List of Avid Fans 2017

How to be Successful in Television Interviews for the Published and Self-Published Author 2017

Do You have a Compelling Author Website? 2019

Are You Interview Ready? 2019

A Better Elevator Pitch 2019

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Mastering Twitter for Writers 2019

Scoring Media Attention

Writing Press Releases like a New York City Public Relations Firm 2019