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James M. Rankin, Author, and National Marketing Director

From Manuscript to Marketplace; Mastering the Selling of your Book



How would your book sales change if you were a topflight salesperson? Is selling truly a learned behavior? How would the quality of your life improve by mastering the sales process? In this fast- paced session, James will enlighten you on the persuasion process, differences between marketing and selling your book, and how to close the business deal.



James M. Rankin, author of Mastering Method Selling, will outline the evolution of the Sales Professional. You will learn new strategies, insights, and proven methodologies to master the art of selling your book.

  • You will learn how to write the perfect sales script for your book.
  • You will learn the Persuasion Process to success.
  • You will learn how to perform your presentation.

James will share with you that selling is something that you do for someone, and not to them. You will learn the importance of building a strong referral network, designing an advisory committee, and much more. This is a workshop that you will want to attend so that your work can make a maximum impact in the world.


More About James M. Rankin:

James is the author of fourteen books on a wide variety of subjects from Sales Training, Business Planning, Philosophy, and Poetry. He is a National Marketing Director of Moody Insurance Group, Inc., a national financial service corporation, catering to independent financial professionals. He provides training, recruitment, and one on one coaching. James is the author of a national financial literacy book entitled, Income Engineering. He lives on an island off the coast of Texas called Galveston.


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From Manuscript to Marketplace