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Author's Media Kit


You made it, you are a published author. Congratulations!

Authors Breakfield and Burkey will provide a roadmap for the items you need to create and the cadence to review and update your branded information for easy consumption by various requests you will receive.



One of the frequent issues we come across in interviewing authors and in marketing our books is data about the books, awards, backgrounds, accomplishments, and other elements that are constantly being asked for. You need to have a package of YOU readily available to be responsive. Think of this as looking at the ingredients of a pasta dish or a soup recipe to see if you want to consume it. Publicists, reviewers, and others want to understand something about you before they take on your book or service.

If you have your PC we can do live examples as needed.


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Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey are technologists professionals who work with customers around the world to optimize their technology investments and digital transformations. Leveraging this expertise they co-author as Breakfield and Burkey with theirTechnoThriller series and various short stories across multiple genres. They have won multiple awards with Texas Authors, CIPA Evvy, InD'Tale, and Dan Poynter awards for their novels, book trailers, and audible with their series narrator Derek Shoales. Burkey loves hosting author interviews for the Indie Beacon Show, a part of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC program.




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